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This web site is designed to try to help rabbit owners or rabbit owners-to-be understand and care for rabbits. Unfortunately, many parents think rabbits are cute to give to children for Easter or other special occasions. However, rabbits are not cute stuffed toys. They have a great need for attention, care, and understanding.

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Having a rabbit in the house

   Bringing your first bunny home? What do you need?
   Where to Keep Your Bunny Hutch
   Bunny Toys and Entertainment
   How do you Rabbit proof your house?

General Care of your Rabbit

   Does My Bunny Talk?
   Bunny Body Languaqe
   Signs of Love, Affection, Attention, Anger
   Bunny Noises
   How do you talk to your bunny?
   Is there a right way to pick up and lift your bunny?

Bunny food and feeding

   What Should My Rabbit Eat?
   Good Pellet Food
   Proper Hay
   Alfalfa, what is it and can I feed it to my rabbits?
   Fruits and Vegetables
   Daily Food Servings
   Changing What You Feed Your Rabbit
   Rabbit Treats

Bunny medical, concerns, symptoms, and treatments

   What is the right vet for my rabbit?
   What are the signs that my Rabbit is not feeling well
   My bunny is not eating and or drinking
   Hock Sores
   Runny eyes or nose, labored breathing or chronic sneezing
   Wet chin or drooling
   Body Temperature
   What are Cecotropes and why does my bunny eat them?
   Diarrhea in Rabbits can be deadly.
   Cancer In Rabbits
   Your Bunnies Eyes... What do they see?
   Anesthetics and Your Bunny
   Antibiotics and Your Bunny

Bunny breeds and breeding information

   Bunny Breeding Basics
   Domestic Rabbits - What are they and where did they come from?
   ARBA, Who are they and what do they do?

   American Sanctioned Rabbit Breeds

   Extinct American Rabbit Breeds

National Rabbit Examiner

Colorado House Rabbit Society

National House Rabbit Society

American Rabbit Breeders Association


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