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Conejo Negro de la Noche, Conejo for short, (Spanish for Black Rabbit of the Night) was rescued April 6, 2006. It is unknown why his owner "set him free" to run wild. He was not doing so well on his own as evidenced by his many sores and parasites that we quickly treated. A little bit of care goes a long way to improve the quality of life for these animals.

Prince Charles - Taken into our home January 26, 2009, was a Mini breeding gone bad. Many young rabbits that do not fit a breeders expectations generally end up in a pet store, or sold at local shows. Prince Charles was given as a Christmas gift to a child and given up when mom found out how much care a bunny needs. He loves laying on his back in your lap and will do so for hours at a time.

Lewicy - a little Netherland Dwarf came to the rescue on January 7, 2012 from a loving home where they could no longer take care of him. He hit it off immediately with a recently rescued young kitten. He enjoys hours of chasing the kitten while carrying a large piece of newspaper in his mouth. This little fellow is playful and full of energy, but also loves to cuddles.

Snow Bunny- a big beautiful New Zealand bunny joined the rescue along with his little friend Bear on January 4, 2013. Their owner could no longer take care of them. He is a very loving fellow and enjoys digging at anything he can dig at. He is also a little imp, always finding ways to "escape" from the playroom during playtime.

Bear could be a non-conforming Havana or Netherland Dwarf. She got her name because she looks like a rolly-polly chubby bear cub. She joined the rescue along with Snow on January 4, 2013. She has incredible red eyes, no matter what the light. She's still rather shy and runs from being picked up, but once on your lap, she loves to have her back rubbed. She also enjoys nest building and shredding paper and will do so for hours.

Emma, an unsuccessful breeding of Harlequins, was sold off because she was not "show" potential. Her owner loved her dearly, but could not keep her when she left for college. Emma joined our rescue on March 27, 2014. She has lots of energy for digging and tearing up anything she can get her little paws on.

Phat joined us on June 26, 2014 when his owner could no longer take care of him. He is a Netherland Dwarf breed with very beautiful markings. He loves visiting with the other bunnies, and doesn't mind getting pets - that is, if you can get your hands on him! He is still quite hesitant about being approached, but melts like butter once he is in your hands and getting a rub.


We have had the pleasure of giving a better home and life to many sweet bunnies. Each and every one taught us something about rabbit health, care and the unique individual characteristics of house rabbits.

I dedicate this section to my husband Paul and to all the bunnies of the rescue that have come and passed on to the Rainbow Bridge!. Paul shared almost half my life with me, and it is because of him and his love for animals that Diana’s Rabbit Rescue was founded. Because of his encouragement and support, I have the knowledge that I share with you on my website.

March 4, 1949 - July 4, 2011 His love will never end

May he have found his way to the valley at Rainbow Bridge. May he now be enjoying youth, health, and the companionship of all those four footed furry friends that have passed before him.


Blackie - one of three rabbits that prompted the founding of Diana's Rabbit Rescue. She taught me about hind leg paralysis and rabbit therapy

July 2001 - April 2003
May she now be happy and truely free

Motley - the second of the three rabbits that helped found the Rabbit Rescue. He too had hind leg paralysis. He also taught us about Bott Fly larvae as he was riddled with them when we took him in. His accepting attitude and loving nature added joy to our rescue

July 2001 - April 2003
His gentle nature is missed

Scruffie, the third of the founders of Diana's Rabbit Rescue who came to us with hind leg paralysis. She taught us about attachments to hutch mates and was the first to develop cancer in the reproductive system.

July 2001 - May 30, 2009
May her sweetness live in all of us

Trex, named for the big "T-Rex" project going on in Denver at the time, who's sassy nature and extreme intelligence added much spice to our group. Unfortunately, he developed a rare form of cancer in the lungs

July 2001 - May 30, 2009
His love is truely missed

Mr. Whitehead, Sweet and loving, he was a great therapy rabbit for my mother when my dad passed away. He too was full of bott fly larvae when we rescued him. He taught us about using stuffed animals to comfort rabbits.

August 2001 - December 27, 2008
His gentle nature will always be remembered

Duchess - a loving mother and the sweetest lap bunny ever, taught us about a mother's care and raising of kits (baby rabbits). She also made it her job to comfort Lady Bug during her illness

August 2002 - April 26, 2010
Her gentle sweetness will be dearly missed

Mouse - One of Duchess' babies, protective and sweet at the same time, she taught us about managing stubborn rabbits.

September 6, 2002 - February 29, 2012
She leaves a hole in our heart

Flopsy, Mouse's brother, was named for his thick heavy ears, one of which would "flop" over when he was young. He showed us the sweet accepting nature of rabbits. He and his sister Plumpsie developed throat cancer

September 6, 2002 - May 21, 2012
His wonderful nature is missed

Plumpsie, Flopsy's sister and the third of Duchess' babies, was the sweet delicate offspring of the bunch. Loving and wonderful, sweet and patient, she will be missed

September 6, 2002 - June 30, 2012
May she be happy with her family

Big Foot - the first Flemish Giant of the rescue, unwanted by his breeder, but loved all the more by us. Always jealous of T-Rex when it came to my attentions, the competition between the two for my affections was intense. He taught us much about handling rabbits and the ailments that attack the larger breeds.

November 2002 - February 26, 2007
His playfulness will be missed

Ms. Whitehead - A gentle sweet little girl who gave us Holly and Tar Baby. She taught us about nesting and nest boxes after she lost 4 young from an improper nesting area

January 24, 2003 - December 3, 2009
May she be happy and at peace

Tar Baby - A little cantankerous with a quickly changing temper, she was an offspring of Ms. Whitehead and the biggest nest builder of the bunch. She taught us about false pregnancies

February 9, 2003 - April 27, 2010
Temper and all she will be missed

Holly, Tar-Baby's sister, was the glutton of the two kits. She taught us about over nursing and greed. She was sweet and loving and helped Scruffie get over the loss of her mama Blackie.

February 9, 2003 - July 22, 2011
May this sweet girl forever be happy

Midnight - Sweet, trusting, and very loving - was the first rabbit to teach us about the signs of GI Stasis. His death from this terrible medical problem prompted detailed research and taught us the importance of early treatment

March 2003 - July 20, 2005
May he be happy and healthy at rainbow bridge

Blacky White Foot - named for his one white foot, was rescued the summer of 2003. Apparently the loser in serious encounters with other bucks, he tested our mending abilities and taught us how well rabbits mend.

Summer 2003 - July 16, 2010
His lovely sweet nature is sorely missed

Shaggy was also rescued in the summer of 2003. He had a bad case of fur mites at the time making his coat look very bad (shaggy). He looked pathetic to the casual observer, but won our hearts instantly. He taught us that bunnies love surrogate playmates - his was a "shaggy" teddy bear. They were inseparable! He passed away from old age

Summer 2003 - December 26, 2011
His sweetness and love has left a hole in our lives

The "Boot Brothers" (One Boot and Two Boots) were rescued the summer of 2003. They were a rare male to male hutch mate pairing but developed exceptional comfort from each other. Two Boots developed testicle cancer and One Boot pass from bone cancer. They taught us about cancer care in bunnies

One Boot: Summer 2003 - November 5, 2013
Two Boots: Summer 2003 - September 12, 2012
May they be happy together forever

Satin came to us as an unwanted bunny. She was sweet and loving, quickly developing an attachment to Brownie who became her hutchmate. Satin was one of those bunnies that passed away without displaying any indication that she was ill.

December 22, 2003 - February 20, 2008
May she be at peace

Nina was very young when we took her in. She had babies 4 days after joining us. Unfortunately, she was young and in a strange environment, so only 2 babies lived - Good Friday and Easter. Nina taught us about the fatal results of separation anxiety when her hutch mate Ms Motley passed away suddenly

April 6, 2004 - March 13, 2009
May she now be happy with Satin at Rainbow Bridge

Good Friday and Easter were so named because they were born on Easter Day - April 11, 2004. They were the only two surviving babies from baby Nina

Good Friday always had a twinkle in his eye. He was a happy little imp, always exploring and getting into everything. He passed away from a severe case of GI Stasis.

April 11, 2004 - July 22, 2011
His high energy is missed by all

Easter, the second of Nina's babies, was a laid back, sweet natured bunny. She loved lap sitting and being brushed and she never got tired of making nests. She developed a severe case of diarrhea and passed away within hours.

April 11, 2004 - June 9, 2010
May she be happy with her mom and brother

Ms Motley - a fighter from day one, evidently used to have to fight for her share of food. The first couple weeks after taking her in produced many a bite mark on my arms while trying to feed her. She soon realized she didn't have to fight for her food and began to relax. She became Nina's hutchmate after Nina's babies were weaned.

April 3, 2004 - February 17, 2009
May she never have to fight again

Black Bunny, so named because we ran out of "black" bunny names, came to us with many cuts and bites. He undoubtedly was attacked by other male rabbits still loose in the neighborhood. He loved his lap time and enjoyed visiting the hutches of all the females. He passed away from lymphoma.

November 20, 2004 - October 12, 2012
May he be at peace

Chico, rescued December 14, 2004, had a serious problem with under-bite. He taught us about malocclusion and tolerated teeth trimming only if he got his favorite treat when we were done. He passed from old age.

December 14, 2004 - April 17, 2013
His love will be missed

Patch - another Flemish Giant - came to us from a breeder. He was not up to show quality, so the breeder gave him up. He loved laying on his back and having his belly rubbed. He passed suddenly over night with no signs of illness, though we were told the larger breeds tend to have heart problems because of their size.

September 8, 2005 - August 5, 2007
We will miss his love and devotion

Shadow, adopted March 3, 2007 is a Flemish Giant that was originally given as a companion to a very ill child. When the child passed away, Shadow returned to his breeder and was eventially given to the rabbit rescue. In his old age, he developed arthritis in his rear hips which eventually made him lose the use of his legs.

Prior to the onset of arthritis, he developed an attachment to a young female Flemish Giant named Ladybug. They remained inseparable until Ladybugs passing. Shadow taught us a lot about arthritis in bunnies.

July 5, 2006 - May 2010
May he be happy with Ladybug at rainbow bridge.

Ladybug, a young Flemish Giant, was disqualified from showing due to a minor imperfection. Her back was too long for her body which caused problems using her back legs. She was being treated for an infection and had a bad reaction to the antibiotics. She never recovered.

July 15, 2007 - March 16, 2010
This sweet girl is sorely missed

Little Big Foot, another Flemish Giant adopted in February 2007, like Ladybug, he is not quite a "show" quality rabbit. He was very special to us. He loved to dig in the outdoor pen and can burrow a sizeable hole in a matter of minutes. He passed away unexpectedly having shown no signs of illness

November 3, 2007 - April 4, 2012
His loving nature is missed

Princess, rescued November 2004 was a very young doe that was brought to us by a middle aged couple living near a downtown park. We believe she may have been released by a family with small children, because she was quick to bite anyone that tried to handle her. With much love she turned into a very sweet girl. She passed away from uterine cancer.

November 18, 2004 - December 1, 2013
May this sweet girl be happy at rainbow bridge

Smokey - a sweet mini lop given to the rescue on January 4, 2012. He was much loved by his owner who unfortunately developed severe allergies to rabbits. This sweet boy loved his stuffed toys and thoroughly enjoys visiting the other bunnies of the rescue. He passed away at 10 years old from old age ailments on Easter morning.

2009 - April 20, 2014
May he be free of all those old age ailments

Brownie, rescued in June of 2003. lived to the ripe old age of 10 1/2. She got along with everyone. She slowly lost her eyesight as she aged and was totally blind for the last year of her life. This didn't stop her love to investigate and explore.

June, 2003 - May 24, 2014
Her courage and determination has marked all our lives