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Following is a list of Fruits and Vegetables that are good for your Rabbit and below that, a list of toxic plants    
Apple NO SEEDS Honey Dew Melon NO SEEDS
Apricot   Kale Don't give if rabbit has urinary tract sludge problems
Arugula   Leaf Lettuce (Romain, Red Leaf or Green Leaf) Iceburg lettuce has no nutritional value and can cause gas
Asparagus   Lilac  
Banana BUNNIES LOVE THEM, but limit to no more than 2 tablespoons per day Marigold  
Basil   Marjoram  
Beet Greens Leafy Tops ONLY Mint  
Blackberry leaves, stems, and fruit   Mustard Greens  
Blueberry   Papaya Ė VERY Good for Hairball prevention  
Bok Choy   Parsley  
Broccoli (leaves & stems) Can cause gas/bloating Peach  
Brussel Sprouts Can Cause Gas/Bloating Pea Pods NO SEEDS Ė flat edible pods only (if you wonít eat the pods, donít give them to your bunny)
Cantaloupe NO SEEDS Pea Plant Leaves  
Caraway   Pears  
Carrots and Carrot Tops Starchy, but rabbits love them, use sparingly Peppermint Leaves  
Celery Cut into pieces no larger than 1Ē long. The long strings in celery can cause blockage. Raddichio  
Chard   Radish Tops Can cause gas/bloating
Chives Use in Moderation Raspberry Leaves, stems and fruit  
Cilantro   Sage  
Clover   Savory  
Collard Greens   Spinach Donít give if rabbit has urinary tract sludge problems
Cucumber NO SEEDS Strawberry  
Dandelion Leaves, Stems, and Flowers No Pesticides Swiss Chard  
Dill   Tomato NO SEEDS
Endive   Turnips including leaves  
Escarole   Watercress    
Fennel   Watermelon NO SEEDS
Grapes NO SEEDS Zucchini NO SEEDS
Green Pepper NO SEEDS    

A F Mushrooms
Agave leaves False Hellebore Mustard root
Almond False Henbane N
Aloe False Parsley Nandina
Amaryllis bulbs Fiddle Leaf Fig Narcissus bulbs
Andromeda Fireweed Needlepoint Ivy
Anemone Flamingo Plant Nephtytis
Angelís Trumpet Florida Beauty Nicotiana
Apple Seeds Flowering Maple Nightshades berries and leaves
Asian Lilly Flowering Tobacco Nutmeg
Asparagus Fern Foxglove leaves and seeds O
Australian Nut G Oak leaves and acorns
Autumn Crocus Garden Sorrel Oleaner leaves branches and nectar
Avacado Leaves Geranium Oxalis
Azalea Leaves German Ivy P
B Ghostweed Panda
Balsam Pear seeds and rind Giant Touch-me-not Parlor Ivy
Baneberry, berry and roots Glacier Ivy Parsnip
Barbados Lilly Gladiola Patience Plant
Begonia Glory Lilly Peace Lilly
Betel-nut Palm Gold Dust Peach leaves, twigs and seeds
Bird of Paradise seeds Golden Chain Pear seeds
Bitter Cherry seeds Golden Pothos Pencil Cactus
Bittersweet (American and European) Green Gold Peony
Black Locust seeds and bark H Periwincle
Black Nightshade Hahnís Ivy Peyote
Black Walnut hulls Hart Ivy Philodendron leaves and stems
Bloodroot Hawaiian Ti Plum seeds
Bluebonnet Heartleaf Philodendron Plumosa Fern
Boston Ivy Heavenly Bamboo Poinsettia leaves and flowers
Boxwood leaves and twigs Hemlock, Poison Poison Hemlock
Bracken Fern Hemlock, Water Poison Ivy
Branching Ivy Henbane seeds Poison Oak
Buckey seeds Hogwart Poison Sumac
Buckthorn berries, fruit and bark Holly berries Pokeweed
Buddhist Pine Horse Chestnut nuts and twigs Q
Bull Nettle Horsehead Philodendron Queensland Nut
Buttercup leaves, sap and bulbs Horsetail Reed R
C Hurricane Plant Ranunculus
Cactus Thorn Hyacinth bulbs Red Emerald
Caladium Hydrangea Red Lilly
Caladiur leaves I Red Princess
Calendula Impatiens Rhododendron
Calico Bush Indian Hemp Rhubarb
Calla Lilly rhizome and leaves Indian Rubber Ribbon Plant
Carnation Indian Turnip Ripple Ivy
Carolina Jessamine Indigo Rosary Pea seeds
Castor Bean seeds, leaves and castor oil Inkberry Rubrum Lilly
Celastrus Iris bulbs S
Ceriman Ivy, Boston/English Sago Palm
Chalice vine J Schefflera
Cherry Tree bark, twig, leaves and pits Jack-in-the-Pulpit Self-Branching Ivy
China Doll Japanese Euonymus Sennabean
Chinaberry Tree Japanese Show Lilly Shamrock Plant
Chinese Evergreen Japanese Yew Silver Pothos
Chinese Lantern Jasmine Skunk Cabbage
Choke Cherry seeds Java Bean Snake Palm
Christmas Candle sap Jerusalem Cherry Snowdrop
Christmas Rose Jessamine Snow-on-the-Mountain
Chrysanthemum Jimson Weed leaves and seeds Solomonís Seal
Cineraria Johnson Grass Spindleberry
Clematis Jonquil Split Leaf Philodendron
Climbing Nightshade Juniper needles, stems and berries Star of Bethlehem
Coffee Bean L Stinkweed
Cone Flower Labumum String of Pearls
Coral Plant seeds Lace Fern Sweet Pea
Cordatum Lacy Tree Philodendron Sweet Potato
Corn Plant Lady Slipper Sweetheart Ivy
Cowbane Lantana Swiss Cheese Plant
Cowslip Larkspur T
Crown of Thorns Laurel Tansy
Cuban Laurel Laurel Cherry Taro Vine
Cuckoopint Lilly-of-the-Valley Thornapple
Cutleaf Philodendron Lima Bean Tiger Lilly
Cycads Lobelia Toadstools
Cyclamen Locoweed Tobacco
D Lords and Ladies Tomato leaves and vine
Daffodil bulbs Lupine Tree Philodendron
Daisy M Tulip bulbs
Daphne berries and bark Macadamia Nut U
Datura Madagascar Dragon Tree Umbrella Plant
Day Lilly Manchineel Tree V
Deadly Amanita Marbel Queen Vinca
Deadly Nightshade March Marigold Violet
Death Camas Marijuana leaves Virginia Creeper
Delphinium Mauna Loa Peace Lilly W
Devilís Ivy Mayapple Walnuts
Dieffenbachia leaves Meadow Saffron Water Hemlock
Dogbane Medicine Plant Weeping Fig
Dracaena Mescal Been seeds Western Lilly
Dumbcane Mesquite Wild Carrots
Dutchmanís Breeches Mexican Breadfruit Wild Cucumber
E Mild Bush Wild Parsnip
Easter Lilly Milkweed Wild Peas
Eggplant Mistletoe berries Wisteria
Elderberry (unripe berries, roots, stems) Mock Orange Wood Lilly
Elephant Ear leaves and stems Monkshood leaves and roots Wood-rose
Emerald Feather Moonflower Y
English Ivy berries and leaves Morning Glory Yam Bean
English Laurel Mother-in-law Yew
Eucalyptus Mountain Laurel Yucca