Emergency, Urgent & Standard care for your rabbit

Emergency As a bunny companion, it is important that you learn to identify medical symptoms needing emergency care, urgent care, or standard care. Even though bunnies are hardy in many ways, there are some medical conditions if not treated quickly, could be fatal to your furry friend. Keep this list along with the name, address and phone number of the nearest emergency animal clinic and your rabbit trained veterinarian in a handy, easy to see place. If in doubt about a symptom and your bunny appears to be stressed or in pain, treat the situation as an emergency or urgent care medical condition. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Print this list and keep in a visable place - then keep reading:

* Your furry friend is down and does not respond to you
* Your bunny appears to be gasping for breath
* Your bunny falls over, tilts his head, moves in a circle when trying to hop, or his eyes move in one direction only
* Your bunny has severe and/or continuous bleeding
* Your bunny’s body temperature is below 100 or 104 and above
* Your bunny has a foreign object (usually string or similar object) protruding from the mouth or anus that cannot be dislodged

* Your bunny has been attacked - even if wounds are not evident
* There are no or very small fecal pellets in your bunny’s litter box
* Your bunny has diarrhea, not just a soft stool, but severe watery diarrhea
* You suspect your bunny has eaten something poisonous or toxic
* Your bunny has maggots
* Your bunny cannot use his hind legs

* Annual Health Checkups
* Minor wounds
* Indications of fur mites
* Bunny is not acting quite right but is still eating, drinking and active

A Medical Emergency for your bunny means, do not take time to search the internet, research or send emails. Do not even stop long enough to call your vet. Bundle your bunny into your car and head immediately to the nearest animal emergency clinic or your veterinary office. Do not fret if the closest animal emergency clinic does not have a rabbit trained veterinarian on staff. Most medical conditions that fall into the emergency classification require the same initial treatment in a dog, cat, rabbit or any other animal and the staff at the emergency clinic will be able to take care of your furry friend. Read More...

An Urgent Medical Condition should be handled within the same day the condition is observed. In these situations, when you contact your veterinarian for an appointment, stress the urgency of the matter. Read More...

If an urgent medical condition occurs and your veterinary office is closed - such as on the weekend - then visit the nearest emergency clinic.

A Standard Medical Condition is one that is not life threatening and can be handled within a few days or on a regular annual basis. It is best to address any questions about your bunny's health to a rabbit trained veterinarian. Read More...