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Following is a list of Fruits and Vegetables that are good for your Rabbit

CLICK HERE For a list of toxic plants
Apple NO SEEDS Honey Dew Melon NO SEEDS
Apricot   Kale Don't give if rabbit has urinary tract sludge problems
Arugula   Leaf Lettuce (Romain, Red Leaf or Green Leaf) Iceburg lettuce has no nutritional value and can cause gas
Asparagus   Lilac  
Banana BUNNIES LOVE THEM, but limit to no more than 2 tablespoons per day Marigold  
Basil   Marjoram  
Beet Greens Leafy Tops ONLY Mint  
Blackberry leaves, stems, and fruit   Mustard Greens  
Blueberry   Papaya – VERY Good for Hairball prevention  
Bok Choy   Parsley  
Broccoli (leaves & stems) Can cause gas/bloating Peach  
Brussel Sprouts Can Cause Gas/Bloating Pea Pods NO SEEDS – flat edible pods only (if you won’t eat the pods, don’t give them to your bunny)
Cantaloupe NO SEEDS Pea Plant Leaves  
Caraway   Pears  
Carrots and Carrot Tops Starchy, but rabbits love them, use sparingly Peppermint Leaves  
Celery Cut into pieces no larger than 1” long. The long strings in celery can cause blockage. Raddichio  
Chard   Radish Tops Can cause gas/bloating
Chives Use in Moderation Raspberry Leaves, stems and fruit  
Cilantro   Sage  
Clover   Savory  
Collard Greens   Spinach Don’t give if rabbit has urinary tract sludge problems
Cucumber NO SEEDS Strawberry  
Dandelion Leaves, Stems, and Flowers No Pesticides Swiss Chard  
Dill   Tomato NO SEEDS
Endive   Turnips including leaves  
Escarole   Watercress    
Fennel   Watermelon NO SEEDS
Grapes NO SEEDS Zucchini NO SEEDS
Green Pepper NO SEEDS